“If you had a birthday, and that birthday was held inside a bottle - this would be that bottle, and this would be the  best party ever!


Sipped alone, this cocktail has the aromatic smell and balanced taste of vanilla cake. The addition of a compatible spirit adjusts the profile ever so slightly in ways you never thought possible.


This cocktail makes you the pastry chef, the spirit you choose determines what cake your bakery is selling.”  

Cake 200ml

  • grape | water | verjuice | rice wine vinegar | caramel (dairy) | vanilla | pretzel | citrus alternative

    0.0% abv

    JUST SHORT: whisk(e)y | gin | vodka | mezcal


    Allergens: wheat, gluten, dairy



    1. Grab a tall glass

    2. Fill with ice

    3. Add 35ml alcohol

    4. Top with JUST SHORT mixer


    Product information:

    Keep refrigerated | 6 month shelf life from bottling

    Contents may separate - gently rotate


    Garnish recommendation: pretzel

    Serves one cocktail | Bottle size: 200ml

    Never drink alone

    Please recycle

    Made with natural ingredients

    Does contain preservative: Sodium Benzoate, Natamycin, Potassium Sorbate