“The mixer with small roots in oriental tradition, extremely worthwhile tasting alongside a good sake. 


The addition of granadilla makes it more appealing to the general palate and invites a more tropical feel to the cocktail once complete.


Carbonation lightens a lot of flavour in this cocktail that would normally be considered heavy or overbearing.”

Komodo 200ml

  • granadilla | water | pickled ginger | coriander | sugar | citrus alternative

    0.0% abv

    JUST SHORT: gin | vodka | rum | whisk(e)y | tequila | sake



    1. Grab a tall glass

    2. Fill with ice

    3. Add 35ml alcohol

    4. Top with JUST SHORT mixer


    Product information:

    Keep refrigerated | 6 month shelf life from bottling

    Contents may separate - gently rotate


    Garnish recommendation: mint bunch

    Serves one cocktail | Bottle size: 200ml

    Never drink alone

    Please recycle

    Made with natural ingredients

    Does contain preservative: Sodium Benzoate, Natamycin, Potassium Sorbate